Side zipper ultralight bivy:


  • This is the same as our Standard bivy with one exception. The zipper goes across the chest just like on the Standard, but then takes a turn down the left side for 24", creating a bivy that is easier to get into. (Right side is also available for free, just contact us before ordering. Left side is by default)

    All fabric types/sizes are the same as our Standard, only difference is the zipper. The extra zipper adds .5oz, so the weights for the bivy with this side zipper are the following:

    - 7.0 ounces for standard length, standard girth in M90
    - 6.1 ounces for standard length, standard girth in ARGON
    - Silnylon stuff sack included

Please see the Standard Bivy page for more sizing/general information on this bivy.

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M90 Sizes
Argon Sizes


Bivy configured with a left side zipper:

Side zipper ultralight bivy

side zipper ultralight bivy

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